Is “The Secret” And The Idea Of “Manifesting” Just A Hoax?

A lot of otherwise intelligent people have embraced this new “manifesting” movement, which centers around the alluring concept of an all powerful LAW of attraction that can be used to bring us to the fulfillment of our greatest dreams and wishes.

And if we can be honest for a moment, we all must admit that the idea of magically manifesting things – like money – through the so-called “Law of Attraction” sounds darn good. But is it too good to be true? It certainly sounds like the kind of thing that could be potentially dangerous. I mean who wants their kids to sit around the house trying to “manifest” wealth instead of doing productive things in society, like going to college and getting a job?

The first time that you hear the phrase “law of attraction”, it may sound like some type of karmic order where good will eventually triumph over bad, but that’s not actually what this manifesting thing is all about. Manifesting or the “law of attraction”, as some may want to call it, is one of several emerging concepts focusing on positive energy utilization, which actually has some real scientific evidence behind it!

Manifesting or “using the Law” is a technique where a person is asked to imagine in his or her mind what he or she wants most in his life. The believers of this technique prefer to call the imagination process as visualization, and this is actually something that has been used by a great number of some successful business leaders and self made millionaires. In the video below Author Maxwell Maltz discusses his teachings, including his “theater of the mind” technique which numerous high achievers credit as a powerful tool for success.

With such a strong track record, it is impossible to discredit the power of visualization. However, in this new post “The Secret” world there are a lot of flaky hippie types who, by their very existence, put these “manifestation” methods in a bad light.

The important thing to remember is that as powerful as visualization and manifestation techniques may be, their is still a great deal of work that needs to be done in order to achieve goals. So while these methods may be helpful they should probably be used as a secondary means for getting the things we want in life, rather than relying upon them to do all of the work for us.

Anyone who is interested in trying out these techniques for themselves should also be sure that they are using a specific method shown to provide tangible results. One popular training program is the Manifestation Miracle program which uses something called “destiny tuning” to help practitioners align themselves with their inner desires.

The idea is to perform these visualization exercises daily and to believe completely that at some point in the future, whatever was visualized will become a reality.

The key here is complete and unconditional belief that as the process is being performed, the foundation for the building of the dream is being built. Once the foundation has been completed, the expected results will come sooner or later.

The attraction concept also rests on the premise that a person has total control of his fate. As such, whatever he or she visualizes in their mind will come to pass as long as they believe in it strongly enough.

What do you think? Is this just too out there for you, or it is a worthwhile mental tool that reasonable people can use to help them along their path to abundance? Give it a try and see what you think.

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