Hot Job Trends Be A Software Developer

The job market can be a fickle one, and with an uncertain economy, you would want to pick a career that provides the right space for you to grow, pursue your own individual goals, and be financially rewarding in the long run.

Job prospects are heavily dependent on economic trends — where the economy moves, the job market follows. So in an increasingly technological world, it follows that jobs that involve the technology sector would be hot for this year, and for the years to come. It doesn’t look like this focus towards technology won’t be dying down any time soon.

While many universities offer courses in software engineering and coding, there are plenty of resources out there that offer coding lessons at your own pace. It’s a truly rewarding job opportunity that can bring back good benefits.

Here’s why you should consider becoming a software developer: it’s one of the top occupations that has consistently seen growth post-recession. Since 2010, the sector has seen a 7% growth, or more than 70,000 jobs added.

It’s a lucrative market that can make on average over $90,000 a year. Experts also say they don’t expect this trend to die down soon — in fact, it’s even projected to grow 30% in ten years.

Why the growth? In a world where tech companies — both start ups and established ones — are competing to outdo each other, they would need all the talent they could get. To capitalize on more and more users on social media and online in general, companies need professional and skilled software developers to utilize big data and execute strategies that will make them commercially viable.

If you plan on becoming a software developer, you have a variety of job options to choose from — such as working in software manufacturing industries or even designing software or apps. It not only requires a background in computer science or coding knowledge, but creativity as well.

To move up in your career, you should have the right mix of creativity and discipline. Software development requires precise technical knowledge while at the same time, software concepts need creativity and sheer ingenuity.

If you’re looking for a job that promises career advancement, space for new, exciting and bold ideas, and a dynamic work environment, the software developer world may just be right for you. In a fast changing, modern world, the only way to go in this sector is up — and that can put you at the forefront of development and wonderful career opportunities.

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